• Outdated questions like "why should we hire you" are time wasters

    If you're here, you already know phone interviews are vital to hiring the right candidate. But did you also know that most recruiters and hiring managers waste valuable time asking inefficient questions like "what do you know about our company"?

    Spruce up your phone interview

    Instead, ask more effective questions that are powerful enough to significantly cut down the number of days a job is open. Want to be even more effective? Use a scorecard for your phone interview so you can compare your candidates more efficiently.

    Why start from scratch when you don't have to?

    This phone interview template is ideal for the experienced recruiter or novice hiring manager and has been created with the following:
    1. Phone Screen Template downloadable in MS Word and Google DocsStep-by-step guide: Walks you through the entire interview from opening to wrap-up.
    2. Thirteen powerful questions: Helps you understand candidates' real motivation and interest in the job, their suitability for your culture and this position in particular.
    3. Phone interview scorecard:  Helps you validate your decision and level the playing field for all candidates.
    4. Fully customizable: Download links include both MS Word and Google Docs format so you can customize the template.
  • The best way to have happy candidates is by keeping them updated throughout the recruitment process. Using recruiting email templates is the ideal way to keep recruiters and all those who hire efficient while keeping candidates engaged. From acknowledging job application through to job offers, these email templates walk you through every step of the hiring cycle.

    Recruiting Email Templates Include

    • Candidate Application Acknowledgement
    • Passive Candidate Sourcing
    •  Interview Invitation 
    • Candidate 'Keep-Warm' Update
    • Candidate Rejection Email
    • Previous Candidate Invitation
    • Phone Interview Scheduling
    • Job Offer Email Notice
  • Offboarding employees is just as important as onboarding them

    This three-page exit interview template is created with a step-by-step guide on how to conduct an exit interview including best practices and questions specifically designed to help you gather information to improve your company culture, strengthen your recruitment process and ultimately, help you retain employees.

    Instant Downloads Include:

    • Editable, 3-page exit interview template in MS Word format
    • Editable, 3-page exit interview template in Google Doc format
    • Step-by-step guide on how to conduct an exit interview
  • Downloadable recruitment contract agreement Recruitment agency fee agreement templates - contingency and retained contracts
    If you want to grow your recruiting agency, you can't afford to ignore your contract terms that protect your business. This means having the right contract If you're 'winging' your contract, or using the same one you've used for years, you're putting your business at risk. Download these two permanent placement recruitment fee agreements and ensure you’re building a business that won't be swept out from under your feet at any moment.

    Recruitment Fee Agreement Templates Include:

    • Two-page contract template for contingency permanent placements.
    • Two-page contract template for retained permanent placements.
    Download both in Google Doc, which makes them easy to customize.