It’s no secret that there is something wrong with corporate recruitment.

There’s a lot of talk about downright shameful candidate experience, poor recruitment technology, outdated post-and-pray recruitment strategies, weak job descriptions and transactional recruiters who need better training.

Yes, these issues exist, but they’re just symptoms rather than the real problem in corporate recruitment.

The root of these symptoms is so simple that it easy to miss —  it’s the place of corporate recruitment and how it’s perceived in organizations where recruitment is broken.

Recruitment is seen as just an area of HR rather than a key business function. And that, my friends, is the real problem.

When you look at recruitment that way, it’s almost like an afterthought.

Companies who view recruitment like an administrative task and, quite frankly, the very act of recruiting like a pain in the ass, end up perpetuating a self-fulfilling prophecy.

They have disengaged recruiters, or at least those who happily accept phrases like “we’ve always done it that way”. Their hiring managers don’t have confidence in the recruitment process and can’t trust their recruiters. Their interview process is long, the recruitment process cumbersome and rejected offers a plenty.

And guess what? This is painfully obvious to candidates

Especially top talent who don’t have time for that. So they eventually choose to consider other companies that have their act together. Where their time is valued, they have regular contact with recruiters and know what’s going on with the recruitment process.

In short, where talent acquisition is seen as a valuable part of the business and recruiters viewed as strategic partners who are vital to the company’s success.

Where does this leave companies that are doing it all wrong? They end up struggling to find talent or settling for “good enough” candidates out of sheer recruitment exhaustion.

Here’s what organizations that are doing recruitment right have in common
1. Designated Recruitment budget

Every company wants to hire the best talent. Companies that are doing it right know it takes money. They have designated recruitment budgets whether it’s for strengthening their employer brand, building powerful company career sites, campus recruitment, etc.

2. Training for Recruiters

One of the reasons companies who do recruiting right have spectacular recruiters is because they invest in recruiter education. The world of recruitment is constantly evolving and so are their recruiters’ skills.

Whether it’s through conferences, online courses or workshops,  these companies know that having skilled recruiters ensures they hire the right talent.

3. Invest in better recruitment tools

They have applicant tracking systems (ATS) that are customized to their needs… and many are building stronger relationships with candidates through Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Systems. They’re automating admin-heavy processes so their recruitment process is streamlined.

4. Talent Acquisition is at the table

Talent acquisition is part of strategic planning as a contributor rather than being directed by the business. Because of this, recruitment is a partner and can be proactive instead of scrambling at the last minute to keep the business happy.

The truth is that all organizations could (and should) get here. The question is how and where do you start.

It starts with changing the attitude towards recruitment.

 Is recruitment broken in your company?



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