Passive Candidate Sourcing Techniques

Okay, let’s be honest — you and I both know that recruiting awesome talent is so much more than slapping any old job posting on a job board and waiting for your next top employee to apply.

Sure, job posting should be part of your overall talent acquisition strategy, but it shouldn’t be the strategy. In this day and age, that’s as old-school as asking for resumes to be faxed to your ‘Personnel’ department.

So where do you start?

Creating a passive candidate sourcing strategy starts with three main steps:

1. Know the job and the department you’re recruiting for inside out

Here’s how. Please don’t move to step 2 before you get this one done. Seriously.

2. Understand your company’s strengths and weaknesses

You’re going to have to use those strengths to attract talent. You’ll also have to speak to how your company is improving on the weaknesses.

3. Diversify your sourcing strategy

Don’t just rely on one approach – use social, your existing network, previous candidates, etc. There are also some fantastic candidate sourcing tools that make it much easier to connect with hard-to-find talent.

Alright, you’re off to a great start now, but this is just the beginning. Keep reading below and learn how to strengthen your talent sourcing abilities:

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