Sad to see
old-school recruitment go?

Me neither.

The Movement

It’s an exciting time in talent acquisition. It’s not just about filling jobs and putting butts in seats anymore. Today, it’s about recruitment strategy, creating and utilizing a powerful employer brand to attract hard-to-find talent, using data to measure effectiveness and so much more.

It’s about talent acquisition folks like you and I who love what we do.

The industry is going through a much needed redefinition.

A movement.

What this now means though, is that we have to get our stuff together, make sure our knowledge is in tip top shape so we can help redefine the talent acquisition industry and make hiring easier.

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What it’s all about

HR Talent IQ is all about knowledge sharing. There’s a lot of talk about things that are taking the talent acquisition industry by storm, like powerful HR technology, stronger employer brand strategies and trading in the traditional post and pray recruiting strategy for targeted passive candidate sourcing. Very little of this talk is around actionable steps we can take as recruitment professionals to really improve our recruiting process and knowledge.

Here, you’ll find resources, guides and recruitment tools you can use so you don’t have to start from scratch.

The goal is to elevate talent acquisition and make sure it’s not stuck in the dark ages.

My Story

Luwam SamuelUnlike most who fell into recruitment, I knew I wanted to be a recruiter. I found my first job as a recruiter doing something that would come in handy down the road – cold calling recruitment agencies until I convinced several to interview me. The strategy worked and I ended up with a job I loved in a boutique agency as a 360-recruiter.

After a few years in agency and several more as an Independent Recruiter working on technical roles, I decided I wanted to experience the other side of the tracks.

So I went in-house as a Corporate Recruiter. Needless to say, it was a very different world. I talk about my slight culture shock here. I saw the realities of in-house life –some good and some not so good.

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Marketing, Technology and Recruitment…

These three things have always fascinated me and it’s exciting to see Talent Acquisition tying them all together.

What Next…

Why start from scratch when you don’t have to? Download easy to customize recruitment templates  so you can get your recruitment game on.  

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